Online Workshops

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As a postgraduate research student, you’ll want to develop your skills as a researcher to support you on your doctoral journey and to help you achieve your career goals. We’ve designed the Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme (PRDP), a lively and challenging programme of workshops, to meet those particular and specific developmental needs. The programme is informed by the Vitae Researcher Development Statement (RDS) and Researcher Development Framework (RDF), which are endorsed by all UK Research Councils, Universities UK and other leading national organisations.

PRDP sessions take place throughout the year during term time, primarily on Wednesdays, and are delivered by expert facilitators within the university. Only one workshop, An Introduction to Research Ethics and Integrity, is mandatory for new students. You must attend this workshop during your first year of study. All other workshops are optional. It is for you, with advice from your supervisors and the Doctoral College, to devise a training and support package that suits your own unique needs.

PRDP workshops in semester 1, 2021-22, will take place online. Our own sessions will be held on Microsoft Teams while sessions from external providers may take place on other platforms such as Zoom. Sessions in semester 2 will be both online and on campus. All on-campus sessions will also be offered online,

PRDP workshop booking is on PhD Manager. You can browse our workshop programme here on the blog or go directly to PhD Manager calendar to book workshop places.

Our PRDP is complemented by a range of other programmes and resources such as the UEA Online Training Series which offers evening webinars.


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