Help! How do I join a Teams group?

Microsoft Teams is part of your University O365 account. Below is a quick, practical guide for anyone new to Teams or unfamiliar with using join codes to access a workshop.

Teams basics for beginners

Teams basically has two components, groups and meetings. You join both in order to attend a session. (Teams differs from Zoom in this respect.)

  1. First, you join a Teams group. This is simply an area online within the Teams platform. You can join a group at any time. It is not a live session. A group might have some resources or a few text conversations but for the most part, nothing much happens in groups until a ‘meeting’ starts. So…
  2. Second, you join a ‘meeting‘ within a group when the meeting starts. You will not get a notification that a meeting is happening. You need to remember to visit the group you joined earlier and look out for a meeting taking place at the scheduled time. You then select JOIN and you’ll join the live session. Simples!

Please note that PRDP workshops and supervisors workshops run in individual ‘channels’ on the left within the main Teams groups for those areas of training.

Where’s the link to join a workshop?

We do not generally provide links to Teams groups or workshops. We provide join codes instead. (See the event listing on PhD Manager.)

How do I use a Teams join code?

Navigate to your Teams area, part of your O365 package. Click the ‘join or create team’ field in the top right corner of your main Teams area. Enter the join code in the appropriate field.Graphic of instructions for using join codes on Teams: 1. Go to you main Teams area; 2, Click join or create Team in top right corner; 3. Enter code

You only need to use a join code once! If you’ve joined a group, it then stays in your Teams area. Codes take you to Teams groups (not meetings). Again, we do not generally provide links to groups or workshop meetings. We are all about using codes!

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Video guidance to using Teams

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