Keynote: Professor David Nash

Getting your research out there: communicating your work to non-specialist audiences

Professor David Nash

Prof David Nash profile pictureYour PhD research is important and fascinating – so why wouldn’t the public want to know about it? This presentation will focus on the benefits and challenges of disseminating your research to non-specialist audiences, and offer some tips for effective engagement. Professor Nash will draw upon his personal experience of communicating the results of his Stonehenge research to illustrate the positives and negatives of engaging with the broadcast and written media.


David Nash is Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Brighton, where he has lectured and undertaken research since 1993. His interests are diverse but centre around past climate change and the geomorphology of desert landscapes. His focus in recent years has been on the sedimentology and geochemistry of silcrete – the type of stone we call ‘sarsen’ in Britain – including investigations in Botswana, South Africa, Australia and the UK. This work has underpinned ongoing research into the origins of sarsen stones in the Stonehenge landscape.

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