About The Digital Transformation Research Group

A Brighton Business School research group with interest in a range of ways that the Internet is transforming Business and Society. We do research into:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Internet Business / e-commerce

  • Big Data and Society

  • Digital marketing research with a focus on the entertainment industry

  • Graduate employability and the new-vocationalism

  • Digital self presentation and social media

The Digital Transformation Research Group are visible in a range of outputs, besides academic (listed below)

These include working with industry to provide a platform for industry speakers (listed below), hosting conferences, generating online guides for small and medium enterprises to digital marketing, writing guest blog posts (such as for the British Library, below) and speaking at Industry and Academic events

Industry Engagement 2017 – guest speakers at Brighton Business School:

  • Zoe Ashford, UK & Ireland Marketing Manager at John Lewis, The role of mobile in marketing and retail at John Lewis and beyond.

  • Ben Hackett from Brandwatch: Understanding online conversations – a whistle-stop tour of the ever changing world of social listening technologies

  • Philip Wynn Jones – Head of Global Marketing Sapphire Technology : Building a community – a case study of Sapphire Nation

Industry Visits 2016:

  • Jellyfish digital marketing agency

  • Facebook, London HQ


  • European Conference on Social Media 2014, hosted at University of Brighton (Asher Rospigliosi conference chair)

  • Enterprise Data and BI Conference Europe 2014 Invited talk: Big Data: Social Media Analytics by Asher Rospigliosi


Invited blog for the British Library: BSA: Big Data Challenge at the British Library


Digital Marketing Business Portal


Recent academic publications

Rospigliosi, A., Jiménez-Zarco, A.I., Martínez-Ruiz, M.P. and Izquierdo-Yusta, A., 2017. Marketing 4.0: Enhancing Consumer-Brand Engagement. Socio-Economic Perspectives on Consumer Engagement and Buying Behavior, p.94. [Book chapter]

Rospigliosi, A., Francis, S. (2017) The Digital Marketing Power of Transmedia: Applying Keller’s Brand Resonance Pyramid to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, International Journal Advances in Social Science and Humanities. In review

Rospigliosi, A. (2016) Learning from each other, Interactive Learning Environments, 24 (1). pp. 1-2. ISSN 1049-4820

Rospigliosi, A.,, Bourner, T. and Heath, L. (2016) Universities engagement with vocationalism: historical perspective Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 3 (3). pp. 185-211.

Rospigliosi, A. (2016) Teaching in the second machine age, Interactive Learning Environments, 24 (8). pp. 1741-1743.

Rospigliosi, A., and Greener, S. (2016) Leading issues in social media research [Edited Book]