A growing relationship between the Business School Digital Transformation Research Group and Jellyfish Digital Marketing: workshops, guest lectures and research

Meeting at Jellyfish to planOn Thursday members of the Business School Digital Transformation Research Group travelled to the iconic Shard building in London Bridge to plan the growing ways that the group can work with Jellyfish Digital Marketing. In wide ranging discussions an exciting plan of collaboration was formulated to include


Jellyfish Visits to Brighton Business School

Jellyfish to Brighton: We discussed how we would arrange a date for Jellyfish to come into the Brighton Business School to deliver expert guest lectures. This lecture would be promoted and planned for Digital Marketing students and also made available across all courses. These are likely to happened for both undergraduate and post graduate cohorts of Digital marketing in autumn 2017 and spring 2018.

Digital Marketing and Digital Employability Workshop for Business School recent graduates

Jellyfish offered a half day workshop for 30 recent graduates from the Business School. The workshop will provide industry insights by key Jellyfish speakers, skills activities and coaching into seeking work in the digital marketing sector for attendees.


We discussed how Jellyfish could provide support for some current research projects for the Digital Marketing Research Group. Specifically an opportunity to conduct in depth interviews with practitioner experts from Jellyfish, drawing on their experiences and knowledge. Areas of interest include research into:

  • The relationship between use of social media, identity and finding work
  • Best practise and innovation in digital marketing
  • Digital convergence and the entertainment industry