YouTube Interesting stats?

YouTube is a website platform that enables users can share and watch videos (gcflearnfree,2017). Interestingly, YouTube within 2011 was the “2nd most popular website” (Scott, 2011).  



What is an Influencer?

The fact is that “60% of brands will increase spending” on influencers (blog, 2017). Influencers can improve brands to reach their target market and increase visibility for a product or service to impact consumer purchasing decisions, (Enge,2012; White,2017 & Ishani, 2015).  Influencers are considered to be “self-made social media stars” and “overshadow celebrities” (Bacon, 2016 and litsa,2016).  Influencers have a large volume of subscribers to their channels or video content on YouTube. Furthermore, influencers focus on a particular niche with social media.  

3 Influencer Examples From YouTube


YouTuber channel is named pewdiepie. This YouTuber has “52,081,254 subscribers and has 14,264,283,557 total videos uploaded” (Socialbakers,2017).

Source: (YogaWithAndriene,2015)

YouTuber channel is called Yoga by Andriene Mishler. In 2015 this YouTuber had a total of 984,000 subscribers (Jarvey,2015).


Source: (BrodieSmith,2013)

YouTuber channel is known as Brodie Smith. This YouTuber has “1,636,997 YouTube subscribers and 231,378,119 video’s uploaded “(Socialbakers,2017).

For Other YouTube Influencers Visit:


Examples of Brands using YouTube Influencers

Source: (MumsEyeView,2014)

Asda’s chief executive Dominic Burch considered focusing on a YouTube strategy. This is in order to attract customers. Asda developed a channel known as “brought to you by Asda” (Moth,2015) with a YouTube influencer known as Zoella. This influencer tends to have a YouTube channel about beauty tips with over 11 million subscribers and over 904 million views (vidstatx,2017). The video is particularly inviting, engaging creative and interesting, since customer can learning to bake cupcakes. Asda set the target for 750,000 view this was achieved in week eight (Moth, 2015). The video is simple and links are available at the end to engage with customers.

Influencers Benefits To Brands

There are various reasons for brands to consider implementing an influencer marketing strategy as there are many benefits. An influencer can help improve brands such as by:

§  Brand Awareness

§  Building relationship through trust

§  Authenticity

§  Increase sales leads or conversations

§  Ability to tap into potential large audiences 

Stressed by (Litsa,2016)

Influencers impact

Source: (Weinswig,2016)


Therefore, influencer marketing is one of the most effective techniques to gain a return on investment and impact purchasing behaviour.

Challenges For Brands Considering Using Influencers

Source: (emarketer,2015)

However, there are challenges for brands as displayed above. Brands should be asking themselves these particular questions before implementing an influencer strategy. In order to increase brands chances for success.

Metrics to Measure Brand Campaigns

In order for brands to measure their return on investment, they must set themselves goals to measure success or failure.  Therefore, brands should evaluate a campaign based on metrics such as; “engagement, brand sentiment, virality, conversion rates or sales and time spent by customers watching the video”(Litsa,2016).

Influencer Framework


The pillar framework is very useful as brands should consider the key concepts emphasised, when deciding to use a influencer. Reach takes into consideration of the number of subscribers and visitors the influencer has. Proximity could be a brand focusing on a particular location. Where, an influencer has gain a lot of viewers within a particular location. Therefore, this could be a great strategy for success. (Bickart and Schindler,2001) emphasise that influencer provides creditability. One could argue that, however influencers are not like authors and experts in their field with years of experience. Therefore, this must impact the audience at heart!


Resonance, really takes into account the amount of engagement and activity. Brands must consider ways to measure the effectiveness of an influencer campaign. Therefore, figures will be important to gain a strong indication of success or failure! Furthermore, what are customers saying in terms; of reviews and opinions as friends and family influence each other. Recommendations may impact purchasing behavior (Hsu et, al, 2013). However, customers can also provide negative recommendations, that could impact the brand and also be fake reviews (Perez,2016)


Overall the framework is very useful, up-to-date and relevant. Since, brands should consider influencer brand strategy plan. This framework allows brands to think deeper about measuring campaign and deciding to use, which influencer. The only improvement, I would suggest is a real business example of a brand using the 3 pillars. Which could help improve understanding!

Useful links for brands deciding to use influencers:

  1. https://captiv8.io/
  2. https://www.tapinfluence.com/
  3. https://www.rewardstyle.com/
  4. https://klout.com/home


To conclude influencers, provide a lot of brands creditability, trust and authenticity. The most important factor is brands can gain a lot of customers within a short period of time. Consequently, brands need should create a business plan for influencer marketing by addressing, budgets, influencer customers, tactics and much more! However, brands should not to forget to measure their campaign’s and built a long-term lasting relationship with the audience. This has to be managed effectively such as; reviews, sales, visitors, click through rates and much more.

Overall, a brand has the potential to make a real influencer campaign count, by looking over this article and making notes!


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