Digital cities week 1

Hi, my name is Safi. I just completed my BA in Media Studies last summer. I decided to continue with my Masters because I would like to develop further the subject that i explored while writing my dissertation last year. I am studying full time and currently working part time as a TA and also as a freelance photographer.

I am very interested about Digital cities as a module because with the rise of technology, it is interesting not just to witness how our cities are being transformed daily bit also to be able to study and do some researches about how the population is adapting to those changes.

I am planning to focus on E-learning as a tool for education for children  in rural cities and I will be looking at the East of  DR Congo as my area of focus. I believe that by learning about “Digital Cities” in developed countries for example,I will be able to create some links on how “the digitisation of cities” can have an impact to the education system in developing countries and point out the importance of technology as a tool for development .

I am interested on the topic that we will cover on week 6 regarding the City Dashboards and Open Data. I am keen to learn about the kind of data that is used and why and also how accessible those informations can be to other people.

The second topic that caught my attention while reading the module outline is week 7 about the intelligent transport and the field trip.One of the question that i asked myself few years ago was regarding how transports would be adjusted with the unending rise of technology. Therefore i am looking forward to get to learn how these changes are being made and what the future transport will look like in the next 10 years.  And lastly, week 9 which focusses on drones because i have been paying quite a lots of attention on drones and what they can be used for in general. This is related to the fact that i have come across a Google Maps car and drones once in Brighton and i thought it will be an exciting subject to learn about.

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