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ActionBound in a friendly phone app dedicated to media and mobility. It would be perfect on a summer camp for students between 15 and 18 years old to help them in their daily activities. Students in this years range are very suitable in using a mobile technology.

Bohoo ( is a trail educational project where the basic idea is to involve a group of international students learning English in Brighton to engage with the city by letting them explore so to be more confident with the territory and to improve their language skills by giving them tasks and quizzes to solve within one selected time.

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In the screenshots there is shown some examples: getting to the Fountain at Old Steine and prove the achievement by filming a short video or listening to a sound (of seagulls, loud chats, noises and laughing) previously recorded letting users guess where it comes by exploring the area. Doing this ‘game’ in groups would avoid the problem of technology accessibility because it would be only needed one person who can access the app and this can be decided beforehand.

The more global problem of accessibility connected to the fact that one task is created specifically in a determined location could be deviated whether a big educational organization is then involved. By using ActionBound as an activity tool on every holiday locations available in the organization package (i.e EF has schools over more than 107 countries in the world –, the locative accessibility would be increased. Although the local special exclusivity still remains, meaning the hearing of sounds and other actions are specifically linked to one place, the cooperation with locative media such as ActionBound let users be fully in charge of interacting with “sound and media while at the same time they are busy navigating their urban environment and experiencing their surroundings.” (pg. 288, Behrendt, 2012)


Behrendt, F. 2012. The Sound of Locative Media. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 18(3)283-295. Sage. Available at:

Bohoo Task

Action Bound

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