Insect Drones



The ‘Connected Cities’ event explored how we can use visualisation to make sense of DATA in our new smart cities. The event looked at how important location is to be able to help us to join everything together to understand this space in relation to ‘our world of sensors and IoT’

One of the speakers was Bart Remes who is the project manager of the TU Delft  micro aerial vehicle lab that  is involved with the development of miniature drones.His mission statement stated how owning one of these miniature drones in the future will be as commonplace as owning a smart phone

It is interesting to think how these drones would be used on such a major scale. This new drone is very light, quiet, and has wings like a dragonfly  You can imagine these small, delicate insect like drones quietly flying over our digital cities. This zen new order where there is a ‘quiet connection between digital devices’ (pg xi Townsend 2013) becoming a physical reality. The companies website gives the example of one of its uses being in the construction industry within building inspection, but could it also be used to shape and design our cities?

Tarentino and Tostino (pg 1 2013) discuss how media has become more more embedded in our everyday life and more central ‘in the production of our space’.Consider that the media collated by this army of drones will play a part in this ‘production’,  helping to physically shape our cities as well as document them. Rather like media helping to shape architecturally the infrastructure of cities such as the Juventus Stadium (Tarentino and Tostino pg 3 2013) where the design of the building had a direct correlation to its use.

Think how this army of miniature drones would impact on our urban spaces  – the city’s design reflecting  the fact that it has been captured by constantly moving, high flying imaging systems.


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