Graduating in Information and Media, I have been teaching ICT in secondary schools since 2000. My dissertation was on surveillance, CCTV and facial recognition. My passions lie in the use of ICTs in education.

I have a couple of ideas that I would like to pursue. The first is how integral the use of ICTs and especially, mobile phones are to young people and their sense of identity. The second is more the virtual and quantified self and the potential for metadata in image recognition and geotagging. Creatively, I am interested in pursuing a visual montage of data, like a geotagged AR overlay and drawing a narrative journey from the urban experience – maybe a souped-up Google glass.

social networking                                                        http://app.thefacesoffacebook.com/                                           http://sm.rutgers.edu/thebeat/

image recognition                                                               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhgfz0zPmH4

augmented reality                                                                               http://lexicon.ft.com/Term?term=augmented-reality                           https://www.layar.com/


In these contexts, mapping and social networking as platforms have implications for privacy and civil liberty. It is the seduction of proprietary enfranchisement that prosumers are potentially embracing without the education or necessary skills to negotiate transparency or ownership of personal data.

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