27th November, 3-4pm

Dr Anita Rupprecht and Dr Christian Høgsbjerg (University of Brighton, Humanities), ‘Empire, Race and Reparative Histories’

In this presentation, Christian Høgsbjerg and Anita Rupprecht reflect on the ways in which they have personally responded to student feedback in developing and decolonising the curriculum on the Humanities Programme in the School of Humanities. They focus on a Level 6 interdisciplinary
module that they co-teach, ‘The Making of the Black Atlantic’. They also discuss the current and developing research focus of the CORE, Centre for Memory, Narratives and Histories called ‘Empire, Race and Reparative Histories’, particularly in relation to local Black history. Most importantly, the presentation aims to invite engagement and discussion about how the Centre can further support the wider decolonising curriculum project at the university, and reparative history projects in our local community.

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