6th November, 1-2pm

Anthony Kalume (University of Brighton, History of Art and Design), ‘Celebrating Africans and Caribbeans in Sussex past and present’

In this presentation, Anthony Kalume (MA Curating Collections and Heritage student) talks about his Oral History Project for Diversity Lewes that was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (2014). This project is connected with the colonial legacy that affected British subjects before coming to the “Motherland” and setting foot on it and the changes that have occurred since then with personal stories and influences. Diversity Lewes embarked on this project to look for mentors and role models that are not footballers, rap artists or movie stars but day to day hardworking individuals, spanning two centuries to the present. The project includes interviews with local people such as Grace Nichols, John Agard and Dr. Cuthbert Williams (MBE), among others, and the presentation will consider how the important work of these writers and cultural figures can be used to diversify the curriculum.

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