Tackling Whiteness as a decolonizing task in contemporary criminology- Recording of the talk

Tackling Whiteness as a decolonizing task in contemporary criminology

Presenter: Rod Earle, Open University

Where: room WB 115 Watson Building, University of Brighton, Falmer campus, BN1 9PH.

When: Thursday 30/03/2023, 1pm-2pm

FREE to attend. This event is supported by the Cities, Injustices and Resistance Research and Enterprise Group (REG) at the University of Brighton.


In the 21st century criminology has become a vigorous and dynamic discipline attracting growing numbers of students and developing new research programmes. In this lecture I will explore how aspects of whiteness in criminology can be identified and made more open to challenge. Focusing on criminology in England I recognise the global reach, scale and variations of whiteness and the need to attend to historically generated specifics at the local level. I argue that making whiteness better understood and more visible in criminology increases the prospects of decolonising justice, confronting its racisms and promoting more egalitarian convivial futures.

Rod Earle’s biography:

Rod Earle is a senior lecturer in the School of health Wellbeing and Social Care at The Open University. He has worked there since 2008 and has also held positions at Goldsmiths College, Surrey University and the London School of Economic.  In 2011 he helped to establish British Convict Criminology, a group modelled on a similar group in the USA that supports and encourages ex-prisoners who are active in criminology. Most recently he has been writing with Alpa Parmar and Coretta Phillips around questions of race, racism, criminology and criminal justice. Together they organised an international symposium on racism and criminology in 2018 and subsequently edited a Special Race Matters Issue of the journal Theoretical Criminology. He has published and co-published several papers on ‘Whiteness’ as a critical dynamic within structures of race and racism.

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