It’s been a busy year for us (more on this in a future blog), but we are back with our 2022-23 DeCol Seminar Series.

We were so happy to welcome in person our first speaker Wanda Canton who gave a perspicacious, intellectually stimulating and beautifully delivered talk on ‘Radical Listening as Abolitionist Praxis’.  A recording of the talk can be found below if you missed it.

Wanda Canton is an artist, abolitionist and psychosocial criminologist. Her PhD at the university of Brighton challenges the criminalisation of rap music, particularly U.K. Drill in the context of knife violence. She was formerly a facilitator and service manager exploring how rap and spoken word can be utilised in recovery from mental health difficulties, including with incarcerated people in forensic psychiatric hospitals and prisons. Her independent podcast ‘Three Ain’t a Crowd’ features a number of artists and thinkers discussing the intersection of mental health, creativity and social change. In May 2022 she founded ‘Sonic Rebellions,’ an international symposium examining the relationship between sound and social justice. It’s inaugural book is due for publication in August 2023. 


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