Climate emergency


Each year, the Federation of Children’s Book Groups (FCBG) brings us ideas and inspiration for exploring and enjoying the best in information books via their celebration of National Non-Fiction November.  There’s a different theme each year; this year’s is Heroes, with an emphasis is on ‘everyday heroes’.  See here for more information.  In the booklist the FCGB have compiled, there is a section dedicated to Environmental Heroes.

In light of COP 26 and the Climate Emergency, in the Curriculum Centre we are continuing with the theme of last year’s Non-Fiction November, which was The Planet we Share, with some useful resources here.  My colleagues here is the Centre have mounted an extensive display of books, some fiction as well as non-fiction, on the related topics of climate change and action on climate change, endangered eco-systems, habitats and wildlife, pollution and recycling.  This display has attracted a lot of attention from both staff and students.  Do come along and have a look.









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