It’s National Poetry Day

Today, 7th October, is National Poetry Day.  Here are some links for great resources, ideas and inspiration to enliven your reading and teaching of poetry all through the year:  the National Poetry Day website, and the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education’s poetry section.

A terrific new poetry book is John Agard’s Coyote’s Soundbite, a poem for our planet, illustrated by Piet Grobler.

A clever, quirky tale with a strong environmental message features folkloric characters from a diverse selection of cultures.  Daruna, the Aboriginal goddess of creation, and Kujum Chantu from North-East India, whose eyes became the sun and moon, and four more mythological goddesses from origin stories around the world are dressed in their best for a conference to decide what can be done about the humans, who are inflicting catastrophic damage on the earth.  Piet Grobler’s lively illustrations, created using a mixture of coloured pencils, ink, gouache and collage, provide an exciting visual accompaniment to the rhythmic verse, which is perfect to share and read aloud, for ages 7+.




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