Christmas quiz

Can you identify, and answer a few questions about, these classics of children’s literature?  Hover your mouse over the images for further clues.

  1. Who are Sarah, Percy, and Bill?    Mrs Large, trying to get 300 seconds' respite
  2. What did Lily take?
  3. What comes next?  Once; Then; Now; After; ….; …..; (?)
  4. What was Brighton’s first City Read?  When?
  5. What sort of bird features in Jeannie Baker’s 2010 classic picture book, Circle?
  6. Who or what is the odd one out here: Smelly Louie; Dr Dog; Hairy McClairy; Dogger; Mr Scruff?
  7. This is how which story begins?   ‘On a dark, dark hill  //   there was a dark, dark town.’
  8. Which female heroine features in two of John Burningham’s picture books?
  9. Which 2017 best seller sparked crowd-funding drives to get it into primary schools in Scotland, Kent, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire,…?
  10. Who was disturbed by Twinkle, twinkle little star on the recorder (three and a half times), four and a half pages of Little Red Riding Hood, and a trunkful of toys?











3 thoughts on “Christmas quiz

  1. Great quiz Mandy, was Alice in Wonderland the first city read?
    We don’t know the last two titles by Maurice Gleitzman I’m afraid!
    Thank you for the fun though, always love a quiz 👍👍👍

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