Poetry picks, day 3


In the run-up to National Poetry Day (October 1st), each day I am posting a poem that I hope will have wide appeal.

Let’s have something jolly to start the weekend, with a choice from a new book, recently added to the Centre’s poetry collection: Happy Poems, chosen by Roger McGough.  This slim volume can be easily slipped into a small handbag or a large pocket, yet contains a whopping 127 poems.  They are not all laugh-out-loud funny: some are puzzling or even poignant, but they are all cheerful.  At just £6.99, this would be a worthwhile addition to any teacher’s shelves, to be dipped in to time and again, to enchant your pupils, and to brighten your own day.


The Laughter Forecast

Today will be humorous

With some giggly patches,

Scattered outbreaks of chuckling in the south

And smiles spreading from the east later,

Widespread chortling

Increasing to gale-force guffaws towards evening.

The outlook for tomorrow

Is hysterical.

                                                             by Sue Cowling





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