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After receiving a request from a student looking for help with accessing theory books electronically, I thought it would be useful to do a blog post about sourcing electronic books relating to English education. The following books (which are stocked in the Curriculum Centre) are also available electronically through various databases/platforms which the university subscribes to or which have been made freely available in response to the current pandemic.

This is just a selection to give you an idea of the different platforms/resources that are available at the moment.


Available on VitalSource (until 30th June 2020)

To access VitalSource click on this link and scroll to Vital Source.  http://libguides.brighton.ac.uk/az.php?q=covid-19

(You will need to register first using your university email. We can send a video to you showing you how to do it, if you need one)

Teaching Primary English: Subject Knowledge and Classroom Practice – Eve Bearne & David Reedy

Essential Primary English – Jane Medwell

Outstanding Assessment for Learning in the Classroom – Jayne Bartlet

Understanding and Teaching Grammar in the Primary Classroom – Josh Lury

Jumpstart! Grammar – Pie Corbett

A Creative Approach to Teaching Spelling –Kate Robinson

Teaching Poetry – Amanda Naylor

Knowing About Language : Linguistics and the Secondary English Classroom– Marcello Giovanelli

Young People Reading : Empirical Research Across International Contexts – Evelyn Arizpe

Developing Children’s Critical Thinking through Picturebooks – Mary Roche

Children Reading Picturebooks – Evelyn Arizpe & Morag Styles

How to Teach Poetry Writing : Workshops for Ages 8 – 13 by Michaela Morgan

(Please be aware that you can only borrow 7 books from all the books available on VitalSource, so choose wisely)

Available through eBook Central (until 30th June 2020)

To access it click on this link and scroll to eBook Central.  http://libguides.brighton.ac.uk/az.php?q=covid-19

The Literate Classroom – Prue Goodwin

Beginning Shakespeare 4 – 11– Joe Winston & Miles Taylor

English as a Global Language – David Crystal (and many more of his books)

Choosing and Using Fiction and Non-Fiction 3 -11 : a Comprehensive Guide for Teachers and Student Teachers – Margaret Mallett

Understanding Spelling – Anne Thomas & Olivia O’Sullivan

Exploring Children’s Literature : Teaching the Language of Reading and Fiction – Nikki Gamble & Sally Yates – the 2002 edition

Teaching Poetry: Reading and Responding to Poetry in the Secondary Classroom – Amanda Naylor and Audrey B Wood

Primary English : Extending Knowledge in Practice – Jane Medwell & David Wray

Teaching English : A Handbook for Primary and Secondary School Teachers – Andrew Goodwyn and Jane Branson


Available through EBSCOHost (until 30th June 2020)

To access it click on this link and it’s the first one on the list.  http://libguides.brighton.ac.uk/az.php?q=covid-19

Guiding Readers – Layers of Meaning: A Handbook for Teaching Reading Comprehension to 7 – 11 Year Olds – Wayne Tennent, David Reedy et al.

Family Fictions – Nick Tucker & Nikki Gamble

Children’s Literature – M.O. Grenby

Children’s Literature : From the Fin De Siecle to the New Millennium – Kim Reynolds

Storytelling in the Classroom : Enhancing Traditional Oral Skills for Teachers and Pupils – Alison Davies

Speaking Out: Storytelling and Creative Drama for Children – Jack Zipes

Reading by Right : Successful Strategies to Ensure Every Child Can Read to Succeed – Joy Court

Understanding Children’s Literature – Peter Hunt

Teaching Writing Effectively : Reviewing Practice – Bearne, Eve, Chamberlain, Liz, Cremin, Teresa & Mottram, Marilyn

Children’s Picturebooks : The Art of Visual Storytelling – Martin Salisbury

Page to Stage: Developing Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills in Primary Schools by James Carter

Word About Pictures: the Narrative Art of Children’s Picture Books by Perry Nodelman

Available through Bloomsbury Collections (until 31st May 2020)

To access it click on this link and it’s the 2nd last one on the list.  http://libguides.brighton.ac.uk/az.php?q=covid-19

 Using Literature in English Language Education Challenging Reading for 8 – 18 Year Olds – Janice Bland


Ebooks Available via the Library Catalogue


Learning to Teach in the Primary School – Teresa Cremin

Teaching English Creatively – Eve Bearne

Teaching Grammar Effectively in Primary Schools – David Reedy & Eve Bearne

Teaching English Language and Literacy – Dominic Wyse

Teaching Systematic Synthetic Phonics – Jonathan Glazzard & Jane Stoke

Bringing Poetry Alive: A Guide to Classroom Practice – M.J. Lockwood

Creativity in the Primary Curriculum – Russell Jones & Dominic Wyse

Unlocking Speaking and Listening: Developing Spoken Language in the Primary Classroom – Deborah Jones & Pamela Hodson

Assessment and Learning in the Primary School by E. C. Wragg

 Teaching, Learning and Assessment by John Blanchard

 Essential Theory for Primary Teachers – Lynne Graham-Matheson

The Literate Classroom – Prue Goodwin

Phonics: Practice, Research & Policy – Maureen Lewis & Sue Ellis



 DramaOnline (31st May 2020)


Lots of resources for drama/Shakespeare are available through this resource.


If you have a request for a specific book, please get in touch and we can see if an electronic version is available for you.

We will keep this blog post updated with new requests added over the next few weeks.




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