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A new website has been created by a former teacher, writer and creative learning consultant which is aimed at educators working with children’s books. Cast of Thousands recommends a selection of children’s books which can be used in the classroom. For each book, reasons are given for why it has been selected, ideas for possible activities are listed and recommendations are given for other books – “If you liked this, try…”.

There is a great range of books listed, including picture books, wordless books and illustrated books for older readers. There are also non-fiction books including Once Upon a Raindrop by James Carter. Some of the cross-curricular activities suggested for this story, include exploring poetic devices/creating non-fiction texts/creating poems and charting the life story of a river. An interview with James Carter can be also found in the “Blog” section, in which the poet discusses writing lyrical non-fiction texts.

Other books that are featured include Julian is a mermaid, Elmer’s WalkTown is by the SeaThe Matchbox DiaryThe Mist MonsterFlock, Leaf, and The Arrival. Interviews with authors include David Almond (who talks about his picture book The Dam) and Hervé Tullet (who talks about writing I have an Idea).


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