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Logo of Ministry of StoriesThere are plenty of creative writing teaching resources available online, which can be very useful if you are planning a lesson for a writing activity. The Ministry of Stories, which is located behind the fantastical shop, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies in London, was established with the aim of championing the writer in every child.

The charity has teaching resources including writing packs, interviews with authors and grammar activities, freely available on their website. The activities are mainly aimed at children in key stage 2 and key stage 3.

There is a creative writing teaching resource for children in key stage 2, which is based on the book Good Night Rebel Girls.  There is also a writing pack available which was created to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Dylan Thomas’ poetic radio play, Under Milk Wood. If you are looking for poetry resources, there is a lesson plan on how to write a paean (a poem that celebrates), which is aimed at children in key stage 2 or 3. Or if you fancy some new resources for teaching grammar or punctuation, there is a teaching resource which combines drama and punctuation and a resource which uses grammar topics to create characters and stories.

Here in Brighton, Little Green Pig (who did a mentoring period with the Ministry of Stories when the charity was being established) currently offer storymaking workshops and comic strip workshops for teachers and children in the East/West Sussex area. They also run out of school creative writing workshops and events for children.

And if you are looking for a creative writing competition that would suit your class, take a look at this comprehensive list on the schoolreadinglist website.

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