Read for Empathy Book Collections 2020

The Read for Empathy Book Collection 2020 was announced yesterday. This is a collection of 50 books which have been chosen for their value in developing empathy skills. Recent scientific research has shown that that reading builds empathy. Some of the books in this collection give children an insight into cultures or experiences that they may not be familiar with. Some of the books explore emotions, giving children an understanding about the feelings of others. Picture books, poetry books, fiction and graphic novels are all included in the collection.

Empathy Day is an annual event, which takes place on the 9th of June this year. Many schools and libraries throughout the country take part and there are lots of ways to get involved. The EmpathyLab website gives information on some of the activities that happened in 2019.

The Read for Empathy Book Collection 2020 consists of 50 books, of which 33 are aimed at primary school children and 17 are aimed at secondary school children. There is information about the authors and illustrators whose work has been included on the EmpathyLab website.

There are also reading guides available for teachers, librarians and parents.

2020 Read for Empathy Guide for Primary School

2020 Read for Empathy Guide for Secondary School

Most of these books are available in the Curriculum Centre and will be on display. Please come and take a look at them when you can.


A picture of the books selected for the Read for Empathy Collection



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