Reflecting Realities : a new report on the way

In July 2018, CLPE published a report called Reflecting Realities, which showed that there was a significant need for better ethnic representation in children’s literature. Tomorrow, CLPE will publish their second Reflecting Realities report and we will publish the link to the report, once it is available.

There are lots of new resources available, which can help teachers to ensure that children have stories to read that reflect our multicultural society. There are also projects that schools can get involved with that promote diversity in children’s literature.


Breaking New Ground: Celebrating British Writers & Illustrators of Colour

This is a brochure which was compiled by Speaking Volumes, BookTrust and Pop Up Projects, that showcases over 100 contemporary British writers and illustrators of colour. It highlights both established authors (many of which you may recognize) and newly published or up-and-coming authors.


BookTrust Represents

BookTrust have established a new 3 year project, which offers support and financial assistance to authors and illustrators of colour to promote their work in schools, bookshops and festivals. BookTrust will also be offering schools free visits from authors and illustrators of colour (including those listed in the Breaking New Ground brochure). Keep an eye on their website for more details.


Pop Up Projects

Pop Up Projects create children’s literature programmes and projects which run throughout the UK. One of their aims is to champion diverse and talented authors. They offer schools the opportunity to become involved in their National Children’s Literature Festival. Classes are provided with contemporary quality books and authors deliver workshops as part of the festival in June.  They also have a Pop Up Hub – a digital platform which showcases all the books being read in schools, along with ones that have been read for previous programmes.


Letterbox Library

Letterbox Library has developed a Reflecting Realities book pack for Key Stage 1 & 2 and for Key Stage 3 & 4, which was inspired by the Breaking New Ground brochure.


Reflecting Realities Cover





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