British Science Week

British Science Week runs from 8th to 17th March.  To celebrate, we have put up a display of fiction and non-fiction books which could be used to enrich your science teaching.  These are mostly recent publications, although we couldn’t resist adding a couple of old favourites.  Do come in and have a look.

There are several ways the Centre can help you find good books for science.  We produce leaflets of recommended reads on various themes, one being ‘Science through picture books’.

You can search our catalogue.  For a simple search, try ‘science through story’.

An advanced search is not as complicated as it sounds.  You could use it to combine two search terms, such as ‘science’ and ‘picture books’.  This strategy is particularly useful if you are looking for a particular aspect of science, such as ‘senses’ or ‘space’.  Do ask us if you would like some help getting started.

On our Children’s Literature blog, there are themed book lists and past posts on non-fiction are a treasure trove of fantastic information books, many of which are on scientific topics.

There is a dedicated website for British Science Week, with lots of ideas and resources for teachers.



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