Shortlist for the Children’s Book Award 2019

The shortlist for the Children’s Book Award was announced earlier this week. The Children’s Book Award is run by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups and is the only national award which is voted for solely by children from the start of the process right through to the end. The shortlist consists of three categories and children can vote for their favourites from now until the 10th May. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony hosted by Sarah McIntyre in London on the 8th of June. Here are the shortlisted books in each category:


Younger Children / Picture Books


The Last Chip by Duncan Beedie

Percy the pigeon is having a very challenging time finding food, with larger greedier birds thwarting his attempts. However, his determination shines through and he is eventually rewarded by human kindness. A story of struggle against adversity, resilience and the kindness of strangers.


Mixed by Arree Chung

Loud reds, bright yellows and laid-back blues live together peacefully until suspicion and competition creep in, with one group announcing that they are the best. Tolerance, celebrating difference and confronting discrimination take precedence in this lovely picture book story.


What Do You Do if Your House is a Zoo? by John Kelly & Steph Laberis

Oscar cannot figure out what pet to get. So he decides to advertise in the local paper and his house becomes filled with all sorts of animals, including meerkats, ants, ostriches and octopuses! But which one is the right kind of pet for him? You’ll have to read the story to find out.


The Wondrous Dinosaurium by John Condon & Steve Brown

This book combines a funny story with facts about dinosaurs. Danny is looking for a new pet and obviously the best thing for him to do is to head along to the local dinosaur shop. However, he soon realizes that looking after a dinosaur can present some challenges!




Younger Readers

Funny Kid Stand Up by Matt Stanton

Max is usually very good at being funny, but lately he seems to have lost his talent. On top of this, his grandfather has recently been kidnapped and a mysterious clown has suddenly appeared in town. That is quite a lot to deal with and then there is the Redhill Talent Quest, which Max would dearly love to win. This face-paced story is written in cartoon style and will appeal to fans of the Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates.


Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets by Alex T. Smith

This is the second book in the hilarious Mr Penguin series. Mr Penguin and Colin crash land on a snowy mountain in a quest to solve the mystery of the missing hamsters in Schneedorf on the Peak. Described as a cross between Poirot and Indiana Jones, this is a great book for reading aloud.


The Dog who Lost his Bark by Eoin Colfer & P.J. Lynch

A warm, uplifting story about a young boy called Patrick, who longs for a dog. Oz, a dog who has lost his bark, has suffered greatly in his life. When the two find each other, music plays a key role in helping them both to recover from emotional issues and challenging situations.



Older Readers

Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer

A gripping story of Lily, a young fell runner, who is troubled by self doubt and anxiety. Her grandmother has been getting very confused as a result of her illness. When Lily’s family go to visit her grandmother, Lily discovers diaries that belonged to her great-grandfather. In reading the diaries, Lily learns that her great-grandfather was a fell running champion and a message runner during World War One.


The Light Jar by Lisa Thompson

Nate and his mum are running away and are hiding out in a cottage in the forest. When his mum leaves to get some provisions, Nate is left alone and afraid. However, his old imaginary friend Sam and a mysterious girl called Kitty help him to face his fears.


The Storm Keeper’s Island by Catherine Doyle

Fionn and Tara have gone to visit their grandfather on the island of Arranmore. Fionn is scared of the sea and he has no interest in adventures or shipwrecks. However, the time has come for him to step up and embrace his destiny while conquering his fears. A lyrical story filled with magic and folklore.





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