2017 IBBY OBYPD Selection : Category 2

The 2017 IBBY Selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities, which is currently on display in the Curriculum Centre, consists of three categories. Our previous blog post took a look at books in category 1. Let’s now take a look at books in category 2.


Category 2 : Universal Access

Books in this category have been selected because they are understandable to all individuals, in particular young people with learning, intellectual or developmental disabilities.


Wordless Books

There are several wordless books in this category. These are books that are very accessible to children of all ages, expressing ideas and emotions without using language.

Tin Soldier

El Soldadito De Plomo by Clara Luna Rodriguez

This is a wordless retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s story The Steadfast Tin Soldier.  It uses panels of mixed-media artwork and arrows to direct the reader through the story. It is aimed at children with developmental challenges and communication disorders.



Interactive Books

Some books in this category provide opportunities for the reader to interact with the story.

Con La Cabeza En Las Nubes by Raquel Franco & Ruth KaufmanCon La Cabeza

This book was published in Argentina and contains photographs of animal-shaped clouds which children can colour or draw on. It also contains lots of scientific facts, such as how much clouds weigh and how they are formed. It could also be used as inspiration for creative activities.


PrendrezPrendre & Donner by Lucie Félix

In this board book, one or two words on each page prompt the child to remove the shapes that fit into a position on one page and place them into a position on the next page. So while learning about different shapes, the child reader can also practice their fine motor skills. The illustrations are created using bold colours and will appeal to children who have a visual impairment.



Books With Minimal Text & Striking Illustrations

Mankoushit Mariam by Nabiha Mheidly Lebanon

A combination of photographs and illustrations are used in this children’s book from Lebanon. A young girl called Mariam shows the reader how to make a Lebanese pizza. At the end of the book, Mariam is revealed to be a child with Down Syndrome. There are strong black outlines around illustrated objects, making this book accessible for children with low vision.


Un HuecoUn Hueco by Yael Frankel

Death or grief is the theme of some of the books in category 2. This picture book, which was published in Argentina, explores the feelings of grief that are caused by the death of a loved one. The characters are illustrated with holes in their chests, representing the void left from the loss the person has experienced. This book would be suitable for readers with developmental challenges.



Jinjja Ko Paneun Lyagi by Gab Gyu LeeKorea

Finally, a book from Korea that will go down a treat with children, as it involves a range of animals demonstrating how they pick their nose. The reason the animals are engaging in this behaviour is that they are auditioning to appear in a movie. Children of all ages and all abilities will really enjoy this picture book.


Our next blog post will look at the final category, which is made up of picture books, fiction and nonfiction titles that incorporate characters with disabilities. The IBBY exhibition is on display at the Curriculum Centre until the 14th of December.






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