October 8th is National Poetry Day

Thursday 8th October 2015 is National Poetry Day and what better way to celebrate than listening to some wonderful poems being read out loud? Here are some videos of children’s poets from the CLPE Poetry Prize Award 2015 and some school children performing the same poems. It’s great to see how the children have made them their own. All of the videos are from the Poetryline website which you can visit for more videos and resources. Also, have a look at the Guardian Children’s Books website where they are having a whole week of poetry celebration.





 And here’s a classic poem from Allan Ahlberg for all of you teachers out there. Happy Poetry Day!


2 thoughts on “October 8th is National Poetry Day

  1. This is great Lucy, Thank you! I have just saved ‘Poetryline’ into my favourites – it is a brilliant resource.

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