Book Review – Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan

The latest title by Sarah Crossan, the author of The Weight of Water (winner of the UKLA Book Award 2013 ages 7-11) is a beautifully crafted coming-of-age story about broken families, self-realisation and poetry.  Apple and Rain follows Apple, a 14 yr old girl who has been living with her overly protective Nan since her Mother left to become an actress in LA 11 yrs ago. Shy and unhappy at school and home, Apple feels that the return of her mother would solve all of her problems. When her mother does turn up to claim her, she has a surprise in store – a sister called Rain. The excitement of having a cool mum who treats her like an adult begins to wear thin when Apple is expected to look after everything whilst her mother chases auditions. Forced to miss school in order to watch Rain, a ten year old with issues of her own,  Apple soon realises that her mother is deeply flawed. The storyline is reminiscent of Jacqueline Wilson but the book is given more depth by the inclusion of poetry. Sarah Crossan really celebrates poetry in her books, so interwoven throughout the story are the poems taught by the new teacher, Mr Gaydon, and Apple’s own attempts at poetry writing which mirror her own realisations and growth.

Ages 12+

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