Online Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender (CTSG)  University of Brighton Recorded Lecture/Presentations

With Ela Pryzbylo An Expanded Erotic: Ace and Aro feels for the end of an era. (Held 21/01/21)

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With Gershun Avilez Open Bodies, Closed Subjects: Medical Attention and Queer Identity. (Held 22/04/21)

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A conversation with Sarah Schulman, Ted Brown and Dan Glass –  LGBTQ Intergenerational Histories and Solidarity (Held 01/06/21)

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Transforming LGBTQ Psychology: Past, Present & Future Directions  with Meg-John Barker, Dominic Davis, Stephanie Davis and Igi Moon (Held 09/07/2021)

Recording will be forthcoming

Links shared on this event are as follows:

Memorandum of Understanding:

“How gender and sexually diverse friendly is your therapy training?” Paper:

Mentoring link:

Graphic guides:

Gender Trauma:

The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance:

Dr Markie Twist:

Trans Counselling:

Transgender Studies Quarterly:

TERF Wars An Introduction:

Open Barbers:

The Queer Analytic Circle: (email to register)

Queer Social Dreaming Matrix:

Choosing a Course (Pink Therapy):

CTSG website:

Trans Scholarship:

Centre email (Mailing list):

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