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British Educational Research Association:Special Issue: Researching gender and sexuality – Questioning my use of creative methods: The dominance of the interview in a multiple case study project focusing on the lived experiences of four gender-diverse teachers in UK schools by Lis Bundock

See post for link to research.

Visiting Reseach Fellow December 2023 – Evie Browne

At CTSG, Evie aims to bring together academic, policy, and activist communities across London and Brighton, with a particular focus on exploring how LGBTQI+ movements are resisting the contemporary anti-gender backlash.

LGBTQIA+ mental health in Chile and the UK: Depathologisation, affirmation and intersectionality in the experience of mental health professionals – Tomas Ojeda Guemes

What are the main challenges that mental health professionals face when working with LGBTQIA+ people? What does it mean for us to work from a depathologising and affirmative approach? What socio-political, cultural, economic and institutional contexts must be considered when thinking about this work? How do we build solidarity networks to resist current attacks on affirmative care, and what can we learn from the struggles and experiences of colleagues situated in different locations?

In this post, we share a report documenting the main lessons learned through the exchanges and the stories the participants told about their practice in Chile and the UK.

School of Sport and Health Sciences (SSHS) Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell to be in partnership with CTSG

SSHS Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell – Dr. Markus Bidell (They/Them; Xe/Xem; He/Him) is a national and international researcher, educator, speaker, and author focusing on LGBTQIA+ affirmative psychotherapy, clinical competence, and public policy.Markus P Bidell will hold the following sessions for CTSG in partnership with SSHS as follows:

11 July 12 – 1.30 We Have Just Begun: The Continued Work to Advance LGBTQIA+ Clinical Care and Cultural Competency

19 July 10.30 to 12 Is Hope Just Around the Corner? Using Psychedelic Medicines to Treat LGBTQIA+ Trauma

Event: CTSG and School of Sport and Health Sciences (SHSS) 19/07/23 10:30-12pm Is Hope Just Around the Corner? Using Psychedelic Medicines to Treat LGBTQIA+ Trauma – SSHS Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell

It is now well accepted that LGBTQIA+ individuals are at considerable risk of experiencing many forms of trauma that can profoundly impact physical and mental health. This lecture outlines an LGBTQIA+ minority stress model and how discrimination and prejudice can leave LGBTQIA+ individuals particularly vulnerable to the impact of trauma. Psychedelic medicines are perhaps the most dynamic and hopeful treatments to emerge within the last decade regarding their ability to effectively treat trauma and the resulting complications. Dr. Bidell will connect his personal and professional knowledge when exploring the hope and promise of psychedelic treatments for the queer community.

2023 CTSG and CAPPE Gender, Sexuality and the Politics of Disability – Activist in Residence is here in June

The 2023 CTSG and CAPPE Gender, Sexuality and the Politics of Disability Activist in Residence is Shanshan OUYANG (she/ her), who is a Chinese graduate student from the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University, Japan and a LGBTQ+ activist, in residence 7 -28 June.

MUSE (Men’s Unwanted Sexual Experiences) project continues to uncover sexual abuse of men and barriers to seeking support

This is a copy of the post on the University WEBSITE on 5th June, here: Brighton research reveals hidden sexual abuse of men and barriers to seeking support.

CTSG Visiting Research Fellow for June 2023 – Annukka Lahti

Annukka Lahti is an Academy of Finland postdoctoral fellow at the University of Eastern Finland, Finland. The interrelations of intimacy, power, sexuality, gender and affect are at the heart of her research inquiry. She has studied them from queer theoretical and affect theoretical, and recently posthuman perspectives. She has published studies on affective inequalities and intimacies, queer and heterosexual relationship contexts, singlehood and LGBTIQ+ breakups. In her PhD research, she developed a queer psychosocial approach to the study of bisexuality in relationships. Thereafter, she worked as the principal investigator on a project studying sexual harassment in Finnish competitive sports. In 2020, she began her postdoctoral project on Finnish LGBTIQ+ separations, funded by the Finnish Kone Foundation. Currently, she is exploring LGBTIQ+ separations in two different cultural locations in the Academy of Finland-funded project Where the rainbow ends: the becoming of LGBTIQ+ separations (project 349408). To read more about the project, please see: https://www.wheretherainbowends.info/

Event: CTSG University of Brighton & University of Sussex’s Centre for Sexual Dissidence 26/05/23 3pm Working Class Queers Book launch and conversation with Prof Yvette Taylor Grand Parade  City Campus

Join us for a conversation and Q&A with Professor Yvette Taylor (University of Strathclyde), author of Working-Class Queers: Time, Place and Politics (Pluto press 2023) about topics of queer life and social class in contemporary Britain.

Yvette Taylor is Professor of Education at the University of Strathclyde. She has worked with the Scottish Government researching LGBTQ+ lives in the pandemic, and with Scottish Ballet on Safe to be Me, exploring inclusive curriculum in schools. She is the author and co-editor of numerous books on queer life and class inequality, recently including Queer Precarities in and out of Higher Education, and The Handbook of Imposter Syndrome.

Event: British Association of Applied Linguistics, Language Gender and Sexuality Special Interest Group University of Brighton 02/05/23

We are delighted to announce that the Special Interest Group in Language, Gender and Sexuality of the BAAL is coming to Brighton on 2nd May 2023! With the help of CTSG, we will be welcoming scholars and their exciting research. This year’s topic is Dismantling the CIS-tem: queer and trans perspectives on language, gender, and sexuality.

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