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Podcasts for February 2022: “Meet the CTSG” on the Queer Lit Podcast

Throughout Queer History Month, the Queer Lit Podcast and the CTSG will be releasing a special collaboration: Through these podcast episodes you will get to meet some of the remarkable members of the CTSG and learn about their research and reading interests.

Interviews from when Brighton Community Organisations Respond to the Covid-19 Lockdown

As part of the Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender programme of activities during the Covid-19 lockdown we have reached out to some of the local organisations who work for gender and sexuality diversity and inclusion in Brighton and Hove,… Continue Reading →

Animation Modern Queer Heroes watch along chat with animator Kate Jessop

Modern Queer Heroes, as funded by CTSG, is part of Brighton’s Film Pride film festival this year. Kate Jessop was interviewed about the themes and structure of the film, life in film festivals and how animation is booming in Covid… Continue Reading →

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