Dr Evie Browne has a PhD in International Development from the University of Sussex with a focus on LGBTQI+ issues and gender normativity among lesbian and bisexual women in Cuba. Her research interests centre on sexualities, gender norms and normativity, intersectional feminism, rights, and social justice. Evie works at ODI as a Research Fellow in the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion team (https://odi.org/en/about/our-work/gender-equality-and-social-inclusion/), bringing a queer lens to work on gender norms. At ODI, Evie’s piece on gender norms and LGBTQI+ issues remains continually popular (Browne, E. (2019). Gender norms, LGBTQI issues and development: a topic guide. Discussion Paper. ALIGN: ODI, London. https://www.alignplatform.org/resources/2019/02/gender-norms-lgbtqi-issues-and-development).

At CTSG, Evie aims to bring together academic, policy, and activist communities across London and Brighton, with a particular focus on exploring how LGBTQI+ movements are resisting the contemporary anti-gender backlash.

Prior to joining ODI, Evie was a Research Fellow at GSDRC, providing a bridge between academic experts and donor agencies and government policy departments, delivering rapid response research services for DFID, AusAID and the EC. Evie has worked as a research consultant in international development since 2011, supporting policy-oriented research with  IDS, the World Bank and International Alert, among others. She speaks English and has a working proficiency in Spanish.

Evie has published three peer-reviewed articles from their PhD research: