School of Sport and Health Sciences (SHSS) Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell  will hold the following session for CTSG in partnership with SSHS.

It is now well accepted that LGBTQIA+ individuals are at considerable risk of experiencing many forms of trauma that can profoundly impact physical and mental health. This lecture outlines an LGBTQIA+ minority stress model and how discrimination and prejudice can leave LGBTQIA+ individuals particularly vulnerable to the impact of trauma. Psychedelic medicines are perhaps the most dynamic and hopeful treatments to emerge within the last decade regarding their ability to effectively treat trauma and the resulting complications. Dr. Bidell will connect his personal and professional knowledge when exploring the hope and promise of psychedelic treatments for the queer community.

In person at Falmer Campus, in Room 404, Checkland Building. Please register via 

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