The 2023 CTSG and CAPPE Gender, Sexuality and the Politics of Disability Activist in Residence is Shanshan OUYANG (she/ her), who is a Chinese graduate student from the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University, Japan and a LGBTQ+ activist, in residence 7 -28 June.

Shanshan is interested in the experiences of LGBTQ+ people with disability, and their participation in social movements, and has done research on an activist group from Taiwan named “Disable+Queer”. At her home university, she’s a member of LGBTQ+ student groups and is involved in advocacy for improving the accessibility of LGBTQ+ events, including Pride Parades in Japan. The focus of Shanshan’s project while in residence here at the University of Brighton is to explore how LGBTQ+ youth (including students) with disabilities participate in the LGBTQ+ movement. She will host an event around this based on her experiences and research about LGBTQ+ events in Japan, (date TBC) but would also like to meet and discuss with as many students as possible how they participate LGBTQ+ movements, and to hear their ideas for how Pride can be made more accessible to people with disabilities. You can contact Shanshan via the CTSG at