Annukka Lahti is an Academy of Finland postdoctoral fellow at the University of Eastern Finland, Finland. The interrelations of intimacy, power, sexuality, gender and affect are at the heart of her research inquiry. She has studied them from queer theoretical and affect theoretical, and recently posthuman perspectives. She has published studies on affective inequalities and intimacies, queer and heterosexual relationship contexts, singlehood and LGBTIQ+ breakups. In her PhD research, she developed a queer psychosocial approach to the study of bisexuality in relationships. Thereafter, she worked as the principal investigator on a project studying sexual harassment in Finnish competitive sports. In 2020, she began her postdoctoral project on Finnish LGBTIQ+ separations, funded by the Finnish Kone Foundation. Currently, she is exploring LGBTIQ+ separations in two different cultural locations in the Academy of Finland-funded project Where the rainbow ends: the becoming of LGBTIQ+ separations (project 349408). To read more about the project, please see:

Annukka has authored publications in several high-quality journals, such as SociologyNORA—Nordic Journal of Gender and Feminist ResearchSubjectivity and Feminism & Psychology, among others. She is a co-editor of the edited volume Affective Intimacies, published by Manchester University Press (2022), and of a special issue on affective intimacies published in NORA (2021). Her co-edited book Family and Personal Relationships Under the Rainbow (in Finnish) was published in 2020. Currently, she is co-editing a special issue titled ‘Queering intimacies, families and companionships’ for lambda nordica (to be published in 2024/25).

To read more about Annukka, please see: