This event is free and open to the public. It will be of particular interest to educators, activists, policymakers, researchers and anyone with an interest in gender and violence. All welcome. Please register via the link below to attend. The reception is hosted by Research Professor of Masculinities Studies at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.

This will take place at our City Campus site: Edward Street, Room 309  and will be followed by a drinks reception

Please register for this event: here

Join researchers Michael Kehler, Carolyn Jackson and Lambros Fatsis for a conversation about masculinities and violence. The event brings together education and criminology experts from Canada and UK to discuss their research on gender-based violence, police racism, and ‘lad culture’. We will explore masculinities and violence in peer groups, institutions and educational settings.

Michael Kehler is Research Professor of Masculinity Studies at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. Professor Kehler’s research addresses the intersection of gender and education more broadly and specifically explores masculinities, schooling, literacies, men as change agents, counter sexist politics, body image, health education, bullying, homophobia and team sport. His ongoing research centres on the ways boys and men navigate school spaces and learn what it means to be a man. Largely drawing on masculinities scholarship and feminist research, Professor Kehler has contributed to the field of study in education by challenging more static and linear arguments that conflate gender and sex. His research questions normative masculinity and the power, privilege and positioning of men within and beyond school settings. He contributes regularly to CBC, CTV, and local, as well as international, media outlets. He has co-edited several books, has numerous book chapters, in addition to publishing widely internationally in journals including: the McGill Journal of Education; Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal; International Journal of Men’s Health, Culture, Society and Masculinities; The Canadian Journal of Education; Thymos: Boyhood Studies; and the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.


Lambros Fatsis is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Brighton. Dr Fatsis’ research interests revolve around police racism and the criminalisation of Black music (sub)culture(s), fusing Cultural Criminology with Black radical thought. His writing on the policing of UK drill music won the first-ever Blogger of the Year Award from the British Society of Criminology and an Outstanding Research & Enterprise Impact Award from the University of Brighton. When he doesn’t teach or write, he continues to exist as a never-recovering vinyl junkie and purveyor of Afro-diasporic music.


Carolyn Jackson is Professor of Education at Lancaster University, UK. Professor Jackson’s research is guided by an overarching interest in gender issues in education, with particular interests in fears of failure, constructions and performances of ‘laddish’ masculinities and femininities, and single-sex and mixed-sex learning environments. Professor Jackson has undertaken various projects on boys’ and girls’ motives for ‘laddish’ behaviours in secondary schools, leading to several articles and a book – ‘Lads’ and ‘Ladettes’ in School: Gender and a Fear of Failure, published by Open University Press. This was awarded first prize for books published in 2006 by the Society for Educational Studies (SES). Professor Jackson is currently researching and publishing on fear in education, and also ‘laddism’ in higher education. She has just completed two projects. The first explored ‘laddism’ among university sports science students funded by the Society for Educational Studies (with Steve Dempster, Lancaster University and Lucie Pollard, Greenwich). The second was funded by the SRHE (with Vanita Sundaram, University of York) and entitled ‘Are ‘lad cultures’ a problem in Higher Education? Exploring the perspectives and responses of HEI Staff’. A book from this project entitled ‘Lad Culture in Higher Education: Sexism, Sexual Harassment and Violence’ was published by Routledge in 2020.