Louka Maju Goetzke is Research Associate and a third-year PhD candidate in Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main in Germany. Their doctoral project explores how gender transitions unfold, with a focus on processes of differentiation and in/exclusion. Louka’s broader research interests include sociological theory, feminist critique of science, trans studies, and socio- or new materialist approaches. They are part of the research network Inter*_Trans*_Wissenschaftsnetzwerk (ITW) bringing together people who research and/or work on inter and trans issues, taking a non-pathologising approach. In 2021, Louka participated in the #GenderStruggles: Building Community Resilience via Creativity and Digital Media project, investigating feminist and queer responses to anti-gender-mobilizations among researchers and activists in Turkey, Sweden and Germany.

Louka holds an MA in Critical and Creative Analysis from Goldsmiths University of London, Department of Sociology, as well as an MA in Socio-cultural Studies from Paris 8 University in France and European University Viadrina in Germany, and a BA in Cultural Studies and Political Science from Leuphana University Lüneburg in Germany. To read more about Louka see loukagoetzke.net.

Louka Maju Goetzke will be holding a seminar on the 19th September 2022: How Do Gender Transitions Unfold? – A New Materialist Approach – Click here for details.