This is presented by our current CTSG International Research Fellow, Louka Maju Goetzke.

This talk explores how gender transitions and trans(itioning) subjects come about. Louka discusses situated material-discursive differentiation processes which form the boundaries of gender transitions, based on a new materialist empirical study with transitioning people in Germany. Employing a new materialist methodology and its post-representational approach to data analysis expands the notion of gender transitions as merely individual transformations. It thus offers a relational understanding of trans subjectivity and focusses on the constitutive entanglements of discourses, bodies, feelings, objects, communities, temporalities, knowledges, and institutional regulations, among others. This redirects etiological questions about gender transitions to a place where it is less about what they mean and more about how they happen and how unequal possibilities to live in this world are produced, maintained, and open for change.

After the talk and a Q&A there will be space to discuss the potential of new materialist approaches to analysis of qualitative data to understand the materialization of power and inequality.

For Zoom joining details, please contact Karen Gainsford