In 2021, The Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender launched its new PhD-student-led podcast “Crossing Waves”  featuring discussions of gender and sexuality research and activism with writers, activists and researchers. We are now  delighted to celebrate the beginning of the new year with a brand-new episode, our third in this series.

Crossing Waves – third episode now live!

This, our  third episode continues to feature conversations and dialogues with researchers, activists, artists and other allies on the field of gender and sexualities and introduces an interview with poet and activist-scholar Dr Nat Raha at the end of summer 2021. Nat has written poetry books including title ‘of sirens / body & faultiness’ and has produced extensively on sexuality and gender, critical theory and Marxism, contemporary poetry and poetics. She is also the co-editor of the Radical Transfeminism zine.

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We hope you enjoy and keep an eye for the upcoming episodes! See the previous episodes below:

Crossing Waves – first episode

The first ever episode of Crossing Waves introduces a recording of writer and activist Juno Roche when they came and spoke at the University of Brighton in October 2019. Juno has written a trilogy of amazing books, Queer Sex, Trans Power and Gender Explorers.

You can listen or download this first episode on Podbean: The transcript is here

Crossing Waves – second episode

The second episode features researcher and former activist Po-Han Lee, who works on health inequalities and law for LGBTQ individuals and gender and sexual minorities. Some of his work includes contributions to Queer Asia and his latest paper “A Pluralist Approach to ‘the International’ and Human Rights for Sexual and Gender Minorities” has been published on Feminist Review.

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