As part of the Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender programme of activities during the Covid-19 lockdown we have reached out to some of the local organisations who work for gender and sexuality diversity and inclusion in Brighton and Hove, to find out what the impact of the lockdown has been on them and the communities they work with. In a series of short videos, we highlight the work of key organisations serving the LGBTQ+ community across sexual health, mental health and social support. We explore the challenges they face and how they have found new ways to continue to offer vital support during the pandemic. The interviews were conducted by CTSG PhD student Matt Smith. The postproduction team was Olivia Brytz and Raha Salehi. As a researcher community we really value the work done locally through these times and we extend our thanks to the many groups and individuals for all their important work.

Radical Rhizomes – Marlborough Productions

The Brighton Rainbow Fund

The Clare Project

Terrence Higgins Trust (THT)

Additional information specifically for Brighton THT is shared via the main Facebook page. Here you will find information and current campaigns, including links to free condoms (residents of Brighton and Hove only) and HIV testing kits  as well as links to NHS services from SHAC (Sexual Health and Contraception, NHS service).

Aisha runs specific Black African and BME projects. She shares info through Facebook and Instagram – @babmebrighton.

Phone numbers to contact THT directly are here, including services specifically for people living with HIV. To talk to Marek or contact the rest of the  health promotion team the number is: 07741 322 487