The Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender’s member, Joe Jukes,  has been interviewed by the Arts and Humanities Research Council-support podcast, technecast, on their research concerning rural queer studies. Joe was invited to speak on technecast’s December theme of ‘Affect’ and recorded a 15-minute piece, followed by a Q+A with presenter Julien Clin.

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In this, our second episode on Affect, queer theorist and cultural geographer Joe Jukes asks, “What is ‘rural’?” Joe notes how the British countryside can be thought of, and has been produced, in multiple different ways and in many different forms. They suggest that ‘rural’ is an affect, or feeling, that is aligned with a queer mode inquiry. This can be a surprising ‘use’ of rural, especially as the countryside is often assumed to be unaccommodating to queer or LGBT+ lives. Staying with both affect and queer theory, Joe explores how the feeling of ‘surprise’ can perform queer desire, and un-do rural space, opening it up to new possibilities.

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