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Psychology’s approach to gender and sexual diversity has undergone dramatic and necessary changes – from issues of pathology to affirmation. Join the University of Brighton’s Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender (CTSG)  Zoom Event and key scholars, therapists and activists in the area to discuss and reflect on these changes from a UK perspective.

This event is free and open to all. Zoom meeting details will be sent after registration. To register, please email  or  via eventbright

Our talk will focus on the evolution of LGBTQ psychology and psychotherapy, the current terrain and consider the way forward to ensure a truly inclusive and diverse representation of LGBTQ lives or experiences. These discussions are particularly timely as the UK government sets to pursue a long-awaited ban on conversion therapy as well as a forthcoming documentary, CURED, which chronicles the historic campaign by US activists to remove homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association’s manual of mental illnesses.

Our special guest speakers include:

Meg-John Barker photo credit: Fox Fisher

Dr Meg-John Barker (they/them) is the author of a number of popular books on sex, gender, relationship diversity and therapy, including graphic guides to Queer, Gender and Sexuality. Meg-John co-founded the journal Psychology & Sexuality and activist-research organisation BiUK, through which they published The Bisexuality Report. They have also advised many organisations, therapeutic bodies, and governmental departments on matters relating to gender, sexual, and relationship diversity including writing guidelines for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) on the topic.

Dominic Davis photo credit: Chris Jepson

Dominic Davies (he/him) is the Founder of Pink Therapy. He has been in practice as a psychotherapist, clinical sexologist and clinical supervisor for almost 40 years, pioneering the development of working with Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversities (GSRD) as a new specialist field of clinical practice in the UK. Dominic is a Fellow of both the National Council for Psychotherapy and the National Counselling Society. He has won several awards for his work including a Distinguished Sexual and Gender Health Revolutionary award.

Dr S Davis

Stephanie Davis

Dr Stephanie Davis (she/her, dey/dem) is a scholar-activist with an interest in the intersections of race, gender and sexuality. She is in the process of completing her first book, Queer and Trans People of Colour in the UK: Possibilities for Intersectional Richness with Routledge as a part of the new Transforming LGBTQ Lives series edited by Prof Katherine Johnson and Prof Kath Brown. Stephanie is currently a Research Officer on the NIHR-funded Queer Futures 2 project which explores mental health support for LGBTQ youth in the UK and how this can be improved.

Dr Igi Moon (they/them) is a researcher, therapist and chair of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Coalition against Conversion Therapy. Igi focuses on work in gender, sex and sexuality and enjoys delivering their module ‘Beyond the Binary’ in the Sociology Department at Warwick University to really great students who totally ‘make’ the course what it is. They also work as a therapist and believe exploration of lived experience is at the centre of their work. Igi is also the winner of the GLADD David Harvey Award 2019.

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