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Research visits

We offer a welcoming and exciting environment for visiting scholars and practitioners. This is usually organised as a research visit or fellowship, including a research or industrial fellowship, where you will be able to access our facilities, as well as a University of Brighton account with exclusive access to scholarly literature and various software licences. Visits usually take place in collaboration with a member of the centre.


We welcome applications from individuals in academia, industry and the third sector wishing to undertake knowledge exchange projects to spend periods of up to six months in the University while they benefit from access to its research environment and academic expertise.

Applications must be aligned to the activities and areas of interest to the Centre for Secure, Intelligent and Usable Systems research centre (https://www.brighton.ac.uk/csius/what-we-do/index.aspx). Knowledge exchange activities might involve, amongst others, research activities (e.g. surveys to state of the art in specific technologies), workshops/seminars for students and researchers, acquiring experience using specific equipment and software, and software development projects amongst others.

To underpin the activity the university will provide access to academic collaborators, and access to specialist facilities including digitisation equipment and user centred design equipment.

IPR and contractual details

As a university we have an Intellectual Property policy which supports our collaborations with industry, and have standard agreement for hiring equipment and engaging with industry. After acceptance of the research visitor application, a custom agreement will be signed to agree roles, responsibilities, and intellectual property arrangements.

Fees and entitlement

Visitors are charged a one-off administration fee of £200 which is payable to the University for the duration of your visit. The fee entitles the visitor to:

  • A University of Brighton campus card, which enables access to University staff and student facilities;
  • Access to Information Services (including libraries) and to computer, printing and copying facilities;
  • Access to the CSIUS specialist facilities any specialised licensed software if appropriate
  • A University of Brighton e-mail address;
  • Contact with your sponsor, who will be a member of the academic staff;
  • Attendance at general seminars and open lectures;
  • Potential to host a seminar within the University and present research findings to staff and students before the visit ends;

Please note that any other costs, including transportation, accommodation, subsistence and salary are covered by the individual or organisation to whom they are associated.

Application Process

  1. To work as a Research Visitor at the University of Brighton you will need a sponsor who is a member of the research centre. This person will act as your host during your visit and must be a permanent employee of the University. Your sponsor will ensure that your research is integrated into the research infrastructure.
  2. When you have identified an academic at the University of Brighton who is willing to be your sponsor and agrees to support your application, please complete the CSIUS_VistorApplicationform, making sure to include the dates of your visit and sponsor.
  3. Complete a CV and submit this alongside your application.
  4. Please return all documents (application form and CV) by email to csius@brighton.ac.uk

Application form (PDF): CSIUS_VistorApplicationform.pdf
Application form (word): CSIUS_VistorApplicationform.docx

Visa Requirements

The University of Brighton is required to ensure that all our international visitors hold a visa which is appropriate for the purpose of their visit to the UK. If your application is successful, you may require a Standard Visitor Visa. Members of the European Economic Area (EEA) should not require a visa to visit the UK. We advise you to research your eligibility to visit the UK, with support from your own organisation. If you need assistance from the University of Brighton regarding your visa, once your invitation letter has been issued, please contact the Visa Team on https://www.brighton.ac.uk/international/applying-here/visas-and- immigration/index.aspx who will advise if they can help you. No correspondence from the University of Brighton, other than where specified, should be used in support of a visa application.

Further information on visa requirements can be found here:

Further details on eligibility requirements and the application process can be found on the Home Office website (https://www.gov.uk/standard-visitor).

Previous visitors

In recent years we have had a wide range of visitors, including academics, industry practitioners, post-doc researchers and PhD students from all over the world.

Previous visitors include:

  • Dr. Asla Sa, FGV Rio de Janeiro (January 2020 and June 2022), researching on visualisation of big data
  • Pierre Haslee (May-August 2022), researcher on Artificial Intelligence for video analysis
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