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CSIUS Funding Call 2022

Applications are invited from CORE members and collaborators to support research activities that are aligned with the CSIUS strategic goals.

CSIUS Strategic Objectives

This funding is related to CSIUS strategic goal to address global challenges through the provision of excellent technical contributions that advance the state of the art and provide the foundations for further research and development

This involves:

  • Examining fundamental questions and challenges of security, intelligence and usability of software systems and investigate the integration of these three areas;
  • Defining abstractions, models and processes to understand, analyse, reason, design, visualise, implement and test secure, intelligent and usable systems;
  • Developing architectures to support the consideration of security, usability and intelligence at all levels.

Measures of success involve disseminating research results through publication and coordinated outreach activities with potential stakeholders; as well as delivering research with demonstrable impact.

Global Challenges of relevance to the call

Funding Categories

We invite proposals on three categories:

Research Visit

This scheme’s aim is to strengthen existing, or generate new, collaborations with the partner institution, demonstrated by either joint projects or publications, through a research visit. We particularly welcome visits to take place to coincide with the Open Data and Knowledge for a Post Pandemic Era event in June 2022, as well as the participation in this event through a joint presentation or publication. 

Research visits can support working on a short project (e.g. paper, pilot study, proof of concept, research proposal discussion) in an area related to CSIUS or initiate a new research direction of strategic importance to the CSIUS.

Funding can be used to support travel, accommodation and subsistence up to a total of £1,500, including the payment of the University administration fee of £200 if the visitors needs access to a University card, email address and access to University infrastructure.

Industrial Fellowships

This scheme encourages the collaboration with industry and the third sector by enabling an employee from another organisation to spend time at the centre working with a CORE members during a period of up to 12 weeks. These visits can support a pilot study, proof of concept, or research proposal where access to the facilities and/or equipment is essential.

Funding can be used to support travel, accommodation and subsistence up to a total of £1,000, including the payment of the University administration fee of £200 if the fellow needs access to a University card, email address and access to University infrastructure.

Undergraduate or Postgraduate (MSc) Research Placement

This scheme provides the opportunity for an undergraduate student or a taught Master degree to take part in your research project to support producing a publication, research output or measurable impact within a collaborating organisation.

Funding is available to support a £1,200 bursary, which equates to £200 per week over the course of the six week placement. The funds will be paid as a tax-free stipend. Activities can include software development tasks, or others which are of mutual benefit for the research and the learning experience of the students. It is encouraged to use of equipment and facilities available.

All placements and their outcomes will be featured at a CSIUS seminar to take place in the autumn, along with other dissemination material. The student will sign an agreement stating these conditions.


Members of CSIUS are eligible for this funding.

Teaching activities, staff time and capital equipment are not allowed under this fund. If in doubt whether an activity qualifies, please contact csius@brighton.ac.uk All funds will need to be spent by the 30th June 2022.

Application Process

There are various deadline for applications, on which submitted proposals will be assessed. These dates are:

  • February 25th, 2022
  • March 25th, 2022
  • April 22th, 2022
  • May 27th, 2022

Applications should include:

  1. Applicant(s)
  2. Details of the collaboration, as well as existing links and plans (if applying under the Research Visit category);
  3. The proposed activity and plan for delivery;
  4. Relevance of the activity to the strategic objectives of the CORE, as well as the Global Challenges;
  5. Requested budget.

Please send applications to csius@brighton.ac.uk. A panel will meet soon after to assess the applications and allocate the awards. The decision of the panel is final and there is no right of appeal. It is expected that most applications will fit within one page (A4).

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