The Advanced Immersive Learning Environment is a stereoscopic visualisation facility located in room 101 of the Advanced Engineering Centre.

The facility allows for bringing together a team of up to 20 people, with more space outside for larger groups. It enables teaching and collaborative work in which visualisation is a key demand in the process. Therefore it supports displaying and interacting with various types of content, including 360 images, 3D environments, such as those used in architecture, computer games, media, health, culture and arts, product and industrial design and environmental subjects.

The facility contains the following equipment:

  • 8 x 5000 lumen HD/WUXGA UST projectors with 3D (projected on four walls).
  • 2 x 5100 lumens HD/WUXGA projectors with 3D (projected on the floor).
  • IMP III Media player
  • 5.1 Surround Sound system
  • Server cabinet with network switch plus peripherals
  • 10 x 3D glasses and 3D emitter
  • Igloo Elite Software Package
  • 8 PrimeX 13 OptiTrack Camera Systems
  • OptiTrack MOTIVE Body Software
  • T3D Mocap Suit – Summer- Men – MEDIUM – Black/Blue
  • OptiTrack Marker Set 14mm w/ X-Base

For more information about the facility please contact:

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