Dr Rageshree Sinha conducted a RISE workshop on 19/04/2023.

RISE- Data Transformation Workshop: How new technologies can turn your data into a powerful asset

This was a workshop to work with the SME’s to evaluate the value of their data, to work with them to take a closer look and rethink how the data can be more useful, and what they can do to overhaul to start collecting better quality information.

This was an effort to keep SMEs stay ahead of the game through keeping up-to-date with new technologies that can boost efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and keep them competitive in today’s rapidly changing business and economic landscape.

New technologies offer SMEs a range of opportunities to innovate and develop new products and services that meet evolving customer needs. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can provide personalised services, while cloud computing can streamline processes and increase productivity. Adopting new technologies can however also lead to increased competition and cybersecurity risks, as well as skill gaps that require investment in training and development. To stay competitive in a rapidly changing technological landscape, SMEs must be proactive in adapting to new technologies and leveraging them to their advantage, while also taking necessary steps to protect their systems and data.

So, this masterclass webinar explored opportunities to improve customer experience and new business ventures. During the session, they had the chance to explore and discuss the latest technologies such as cloud computing, AI and machine learning, Internet of Things [I.O.T] and 5G connectivity; how they can generate more valuable data for your business and organisation as well as evaluating which ones will best suit their needs.

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