The Resilience Forum was set up in 2010 as part of the Boingboing network. It is a holding space for resilience research and practice. The Forums were initiated in response to the demand from various stakeholders wishing to learn more about resilience and generate networking opportunities between community and university members interested in resilience. The Forum runs as a community of practice where there is a shared interest and interaction between members of the Forums with a strong emphasis on knowledge exchange.

Most Forums start with a short talk and continue with discussions. Different from more traditional university departmental seminars, the Resilience Forum emphasises learning from each other and about each other across university and community contexts.

The Resilience Forum project commenced in 2010 and is ongoing. They have taken place online since 2020.

Project aims

We are researching the impact of the Resilience Forum and are finding out if it reaches enough people and whether or not they find it supports their practice. The aims of the Forums are to:

  • develop a ‘holding space’ for resilience research and practice to be communicated, shared and grown
  • involve a wide range of collaborators in the Boingboing network.

Project findings and impact

The Resilience Forum helps to:

  • identify/address issues that are relevant to resilience research and practice
  • develop mutually beneficial collaborations
  • interpret research results in practically applicable ways
  • strengthen communication with policy-makers and
  • influence and estimate impact.

Publications were:

  • Davies, C., Hart, A., Eryigit-Madzwamuse, S., Stubbs, C., Aumann, K., Aranda, K., Heaver, B. (Forthcoming) Communities of practice in community-university engagement: Supporting co-productive resilience research and practice in McDonald, J. and Cater-Steele, A. (Ed.) Communities of Practice – Facilitating social learning in higher education. London: Springer
  • Hart, A., Davies, C., Aumann, K., Wenger, E., Aranda, K., Heaver, B., & Wolff, D. (2013) ‘Mobilising knowledge in community-university partnerships: What does a community of practice approach contribute?’ Contemporary Social Science: Special Issue. 8 (3) 278-291.

Details of each monthly Resilience Forum are posted on the Boingboing website. Details of past Forums and also handouts/powerpoints are available to download on the Resilience Forum web page. The Boingboing blog page also has regular blogs about the forum.

Research team and partners

Angie Hart
Becky Heaver
Suna Eryigit-Madzawamuse
Josh Cameron
David Glynne-Percy
Josie Maitland
Anne Rathbone
Partners include numerous charities, schools, NHS Trusts and other organisations alongside individual citizens, students and academics