The Centre of Resilience for Social Justice (CRSJ) is made up of a network of researchers brought together through a shared commitment to research centred on building resilience and tackling disadvantage. We welcome new members.

Membership of the CRSJ is not limited to staff and students at the University of Brighton; people outside the University of Brighton can be Associate Members of the CRSJ. This includes academics, professionals, practitioners, young people and parents. The CRSJ draws its members from diverse fields including healthcare, education, social sciences, business, sports sciences, humanities, media studies and arts practices and includes international academics and community partners from many countries including Australia, Canada, Greece, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey, and Wales.

Come join our community where you can share, learn, and connect.

As a member you will be part of our resilience research community with the opportunity to network with a great collection of community members, academics, and professionals, engage with support groups and access help with bid writing. You will also be notified about useful opportunities, training, workshops, news, and events as well as having the opportunity to disseminate your own research and relevant information.

The CRSJ accepts new members, with your participation in the research community at whatever level of involvement suits you. We do ask however, that

  • your area of interest or research is oriented towards resilience and social justice, and you share our commitment to work with and alongside the communities of interest using co-productive practices as far as possible (You can find out more about what resilience means to our research community on the resilience research webpages on this website and on the CRSJ site).
  • your attendance in general meetings that run twice a year.
  • You offer something to the CRSJ community such as training, mentoring, presentation, support from time to time.
  • you consider adding your profile to the CRSJ database and accordingly we expect you to be willing to be contacted about potential collaboration with other CRSJ members (although there is no obligation to agree to all requests).

There are four types of CRSJ membership:

  • General membership: General membership is open to those working and studying at the University of Brighton, the only requirement being that you have a valid University of Brighton email address.
  • Associate membership: Associate membership is available for anyone outside of the University of Brighton.
  • Visiting fellowship scheme: The CRSJ offer a visiting fellowships scheme which you can find out more about on our visiting fellowship pages. See information below.
  • Studentships: The CRSJ support doctoral students in numerous ways including, such as highlighting funding opportunities, available studentships, supporting research career development and connecting potential students with suitable supervisors.

Get in touch

If you would like to become a member of the CRSJ, please get in touch after having a really good read of our website and that of the CRSJ. Then send an email to outlining who you are, your area of interest and any organisations you work with.

Sign up to our newsletter
If you are interested in membership but not yet ready to commit, we recommend signing up to the Boingboing/CRSJ newsletter to get a flavour of what we get up to in our resilience research community and find out about useful opportunities, training and events. Use the link at the very bottom right corner of this page

Visit and work with us

The Centre of Resilience for Social Justice is highly co-productive with a strong emphasis on collaboration and outreach.
Our approach focuses on the University of Brighton’s extended networks, both across its own disciplinary boundaries, and with practitioners, community groups and individual partners within the UK and overseas.

We are keen to establish contact with all organisations who might benefit from insight into resilience.

The University of Brighton welcomes visiting academics and supports formal residencies that can vary from a week at a time to a year.

At the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice we work with visitors from all backgrounds who can add to the development of knowledge and understanding of resilience issues.

Our visiting researchers scheme includes three options depending on the duration of your visit:

  • Short visits (up to 4 weeks): the goal is the visiting researcher and the CRSJ exchanging learning through training and meetings, Forums and other relevant activities.
  • Medium-length visits (4 to 12 weeks) with the additional goals of the visiting researcher and the CRSJ developing new research ideas, collaborating on a proposal that will be submitted for external funding, and contribution to teaching.
  • Long visits (12+ weeks): with the additional goal of conducting a research project collaboratively and preparing and submitting at least one output for dissemination.

If you are an academic or an experienced community based researcher and would like to approach the centre for formal application as a visiting researcher please download the visitor pack and form on this page; and send an email to