Topic  Mind The Gap: How we can support our young people in the wait for CAMHS – Abigail Turley and Charlotte Cockman
Date  Friday 27 August 2021
Time  4:00-5:30 pm
Location  Online (please arrive in the online platform 5 minutes prior)
Price  Free
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Session Summary

This Resilience Forum highlights the need for adults to have effective conversations with young people in the period between asking for help and receiving it. This includes all young people who have been referred for specialist help and are waiting for treatment, those who don’t meet the threshold criteria for treatment, and those who have been discharged. We believe that equipping and empowering everyone who comes into contact with young people, to feel more confident in having good conversations around resilient moves, can make a huge difference to young people’s mental health. We will introduce free resources that have been partly inspired by the Resilience Framework and produced by clinicians and non-clinicians who have grass-roots experience of working with children from deprived backgrounds with multiple ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). This incudes the Tough Times Toolkit, The Lemonade Project Resource Book, the Life and Lemons Journal and more. These resources can help any adult (no matter what background) to have great discussions around resilience and to support young people who might otherwise slip through the mental healthcare gaps. Some of these resources are available to download from the Boingboing website and we encourage you to read them before attending the session if you can.


Abigail Turley and Charlotte Cockman. Abigail is the Young People’s Mental Health Lead for Shared Health Foundation, and has helped develop the Lemonade Resources, which she has used to train many teachers and youth workers in Greater Manchester. Charlotte is the Operations Manager at Shared Health, and co-ordinates all projects including mental health, homeless families, parent-infant health and the baby bank hub.

Who might be most interested

Academics, practitioners, researchers, students, carers, community workers, service users, people with lived experience of mental health problems, young people, adults. Suitable for all ages.

Useful reading

Head to the Boingboing website to download the Tough Times Toolkit and user guide.

Access Information

The Resilience Forum will be held online on Microsoft Teams. Please arrive in the online platform 5 minutes before the start of the session.  An email with instructions will be sent out the day before. This platform has been chosen as it appears to be more secure and transparent in its data practices than many others. Please see Boingboing’s privacy statement for more information about Microsoft Teams terms and conditions.

The Resilience Forum

The Resilience Forum is a monthly space, held jointly by the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice and Boingboing. We welcome and encourage discussion, disagreement and debate about resilience research and practice. Presenters at the Resilience Forum have included parents, young people, academics and practitioners. ANYBODY (with a pulse!) involved with or interested in resilience research is welcome and attendance at the Resilience Forum is free. We only ask that you have tried to get your head around our resilience approach or at least something specific on resilience before you come so we all have a basic shared understanding. You might also like to read this jargon busting sheet.