Sustainability as a Culture Wednesday 22nd May 2019

“The future of ethical fashion is diversity and inclusion”

– Aja Barber


Barber is an American-born and London-based writer, who is using Instagram: @ajabarberas a platform to speak out and open discussions about issues spanning body positivity and the misrepresentation of black women notably in sustainable fashion. She poses difficult questions and makes provoking statements in her post such as, “How is sustainability and colonization connected?”, “Are you consuming without paying?”, “The narrative of both sides is unnecessary when one side is an oppressor” and “Self-made” is a myth by white supremacy”, which have opened up a space for much needed discussion and debate within the platform.


Barber recently joined a panel at Central Saint Martin’s Study Hall conference as part of Fashion Revolution Week in which she discussed the issues surrounding diversity and exploitation of both labour and resources.


This talk is open to all students all courses on a first come first served basis.

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